Discover ‘Liminal’: The Interactive Exhibit by Leandro Erlich

Pérez Art Museum Miami hosts a transformative art experience that will shift your perception of space.

Apr 26, 2023 · 2 Minute Read

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich’s series, Liminal, features some of his most famous and controversial works, including Swimming Pool.

Liminal, which means the same in English and Spanish, describes the space in between the spaces you come from and go to. The exhibit takes you through various spaces you encounter in your daily life and challenges your perception of them. For instance, you can enter a swimming pool without getting wet and look in a mirror without seeing your reflection. Through Erlich’s concept, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the spaces we inhabit and the alternate realities they hold. As you move through the exhibit, you’ll see how what you experience in one space affects your response to the next.

Cadres Dorés by Leandro Erlich‘Cadres Dorés’ by Leandro Erlich (Photo: Leandro Erlich Studio. © Martin Sichetti)

Liminal is a social space meant to be shared with others, whether friends, family, or strangers. You’ll interact with others in unexpected ways, realizing that you are not truly in the space you believed you were. This realization becomes the final stage of the liminal experience, where visitors become actors in a scenography that shocks viewers. This element communicates that you never arrived at the place you thought you were going to, but rather in this space in between. In liminal space, the laws of reality are suspended and no longer apply.

Step into a mind-bending reality at Liminal, available at PAMM until September 4th, 2023.

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